College Football Rankings Week 3 Rapid Reaction

No changes at the top of the rankings as there were no major upsets this past week.

  1. Alabama (1) 10-0
  2. Clemson (2) 10-0
  3. Notre Dame (3) 10-0
  4. Michigan (4) 9-1
  5. Georgia (5) 9-1
  6. Oklahoma (6) 9-1
  7. LSU (7) 8-2
  8. Washington State (8) 9-1
  9. West Virginia (9) 8-1
  10. Ohio State (10) 9-1
  11. UCF (12) 9-0
  12. Syracuse (13) 8-2
  13. Florida (15) 7-3
  14. Penn State (20) 7-3
  15. Texas (19) 7-3
  16. Iowa State (22) 6-3
  17. Kentucky (11) 7-3
  18. Washington (25) 7-3
  19. Utah (NR) 7-3
  20. Boston College (17) 7-3
  21. Mississippi State (16) 6-4
  22. Northwestern (NR) 6-4
  23. Utah State (NR) 9-1
  24. Cincinnati (NR) 9-1
  25. Boise State (NR) 8-2

New Faces

Boise State (25), Cincinnati (24), Utah State (23) , Northwestern (22) , Utah (19)

So Long, Losers

Auburn (24), Fresno State (23), Iowa (21), Michigan State (18), NC State (14)

Major Games This Weekend

Unfortunately, with this being the week before Rivalry Weekend, we aren’t treated to many impactful games, unless you think The Citadel has a chance against Alabama.  Despite this, there are a few games that can change the outlook of the season.  There is no bigger game this week than Syracuse-Notre Dame in Yankee Stadium.  With only two games left in their season, the Irish are faced with one of their toughest tests of the year here.  Syracuse has sky rocketed up the rankings all season and they are one of the hottest teams in the country.  We also have a potential shootout on our hands when West Virginia travels to Oklahoma State.  After nearly ending Oklahoma’s season on the road a week ago, Oklahoma State will look to finish the game this week and eliminate the #9 team in the country.  I am staying with UCF as well, as they move up to #11 and now have a game in prime-time at home against #24 Cincinnati.  This is a game that UCF can use to bump their resume and prove to everyone else they deserve to be considered among the elite contenders.  Lastly, keep an eye on the Duke-Clemson game.  Clemson may be caught looking ahead to the end of the season and may not take Duke too seriously.  Clemson will probably blow the doors off of the Blue Devils, but anything can happen this late in the season.

Overall Reaction

In a week where no top 10 team lost, it is not surprising to see the top 10 remain the same.  I still stand by my belief that LSU has no business being ranked in the top 10 but they will remain prominently featured until they lose again (if they lose again).  UCF gets a little more love this week, moving up to #11 and they have a great chance to prove they are legitimate contenders as they have a date against #24 Cincinnati at home in prime-time on ABC.  Unless we see a major upset elsewhere, there are only 2 teams that are at risk of being eliminated from Playoff contention this week: #3 Notre Dame and #9 West Virginia (and #11 UCF if you are still a believer).  This weeks rankings aren’t too surprising, however, despite it being extremely frustrating to see multiple 4 loss teams being ranked.  Washington State appears to be the main benefactor of this week’s rankings, however, as Washington and Utah are now both top 20 teams.  With a date next week with #18 Washington and a potential meeting with #19 Utah in the Pac-12 Championship, Washington State’s resume figures to improve if they pick up wins in both of those games and will help them in an argument to finish ahead of the Big Ten and Big 12 Champions.  Unless either Notre Dame or West Virginia (or both) lose this week, don’t expect to see much change again next week as there figures to be no major upsets once again.


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