College Football Rankings Week 2 Rapid Reaction

The second College Football Rankings have just been released and it is once again a disaster.

  1. Alabama (1) 9-0
  2. Clemson (2) 9-0
  3. Notre Dame (4) 9-0
  4. Michigan (5) 8-1
  5. Georgia (6) 8-1
  6. Oklahoma (7) 8-1
  7. LSU (3) 7-2
  8. Washington State (8) 8-1
  9. West Virginia (13) 7-1
  10. Ohio State (10) 8-1
  11. Kentucky (9) 7-2
  12. UCF (12) 8-0
  13. Syracuse (19) 7-2
  14. NC State (21) 6-2
  15. Florida (11) 6-3
  16. Mississippi State (18) 6-3
  17. Boston College (22) 7-2
  18. Michigan State (NR) 6-3
  19. Texas (17) 6-3
  20. Penn State (14) 6-3
  21. Iowa (16) 6-3
  22. Iowa State (24) 5-3
  23. Fresno State (23) 8-1
  24. Auburn (NR) 6-3
  25. Washington (NR) 7-3

The Committee just doesn’t care about records and it is apparent in their ranking of UCF once again.  UCF is still somehow not a top 10 team despite being undefeated, being placed at #12.  There is a clear lack of respect.  I understand the arguments against UCF, and they are valid, but you cannot deny the fact that they have not lost.  Not only are they undefeated again this year, they have won 21 games in a row.  UCF is ranked behind a number of 1 loss teams, some of which deserve to be ranked ahead (Michigan and Georgia namely).  But do 1 loss Oklahoma, Ohio State, and West Virginia deserve to be ranked ahead of the Golden Knights? How about 2 loss LSU and Kentucky? Absolutely not.  UCF will not make the playoff this year even if they win out, however.  The Committee does not like them and unless all hell breaks loose over the last month of the season, UCF will once again be forced to watch the playoff on TV after they take care of business in another New Year’s Six bowl and raise yet another National Champions banner next year.

John Raoux – AP

There is a clear SEC bias throughout the rankings, just like there is every week in the AP Poll.  It’s something you have to expect at this point, but it still blows my mind seeing so many average teams getting ranked just because they are SEC teams.  Every single week these teams just beat each other and it’s as if the Committee needs to reach a quota every week for SEC teams.  Alabama is the clear #1 team in the country.  Georgia is the second best 1 loss team in the country.  No other SEC team is worthy of a top 15 ranking, plain and simple, yet we still have LSU in the top 7, lifeless Kentucky ahead of undefeated UCF, and 3 loss Florida miraculously in the top 15.  It is laughable.

The top 3 is (finally) as it should be with Notre Dame rightfully taking over the #3 spot.  Why they were ranked behind an LSU team with a loss on their resume already while Notre Dame had the best win of the season doesn’t make any sense to me, but that is probably my own Notre Dame bias showing.  Call me crazy, but I’ll take an undefeated team 7 days a week over a team that has lost.

Alabama, Clemson, and Notre Dame are all locks to make the playoff as long as they don’t stumble down the road.  I think Alabama and Clemson can both get away with another loss, but that’s playing with fire and that’s a risk that neither team wants to face.  In reality, Alabama will not even come close to losing a game and their 29 point victory over then #3 LSU may be their closest game of the season and Clemson isn’t exactly facing murderer’s row the rest of the way.  Crazier things have happened, though.  Notre Dame will be eliminated with a loss along the way as their resume just won’t be able to stand up against fellow 1 loss teams that win their conference championship.

We still have another month of the season remaining and a number of high profile matchups remaining in the season.  At the end of the day, these rankings won’t matter– the only ones that matter will be released on December 2 when we find out who is in and who is out.  It is nevertheless interesting to see how the Committee is thinking at this point in the season, and we can narrow the field down to a handful of teams that have a realistic shot at making the playoff this year because of this.

Gerald Herbert – AP

My Top 10:

  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. Notre Dame
  4. Michigan
  5. Georgia
  6. UCF
  7. Oklahoma
  8. Washington State
  9. Ohio State
  10. West Virginia

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