Salami’s College Football Gambling Slate – November 3rd, 2018

“They lost too many guys in the draft.” “They got buried four times in conference games last year.” Washington State football has faced quite the criticism this year, but in Week 10 they’re sitting pretty atop the Pac-12 North at 7-1, ranked #10 in the country. Siiiiiick. Honestly, who gives a shit about Washington State football? Nobody. What I do care about is making money, and at 8-0 against the spread so far this year, Washington State is the lock of the century until next week. Milk the titty ’til it’s all dried out, and hammer Washington State ’til they don’t cover.

Lock of the Century: Washington State -10.

Gardner Minshew

P.S. I checked and Washington State is against Cal. Do I care that Cal blew out Washington State 37-3 last year? No shot. New quarterback, new team. Book it.

For those of you not sitting home and watching college football at 11 pm on a Saturday (disregard this one, John), you might want to get in on a little earlier action on College Football Saturday.


Also in the Pac-12, Oregon just got smoked each of their last two games. All the talk surrounding QB Justin Herbert is whether or not he’s gonna turn pro or stick around another year to play with his brother. Does a future Giant and future NFL Hall of Famer get rattled by all this chatter surrounding him and the team? No way, Jose (RIP). Herbert is gonna come out guns blazing and wipe his nads all over the entire UCLA program, including Chip Kelly’s forehead. UCLA also blows so there’s that, too. Prediction: Oregon 69, UCLA -3.

Pick: Oregon -10.5.

daniel jones

You want dogs? We got dogs. Miami is a walking trash can of a team. 2 mediocre quarterbacks, 2 mediocre running backs. Still haven’t found the right balance of either position. Either the U needs to start paying its players again or they gotta bring back Third Leg Greg to provide real offensive talent. On the other side of the field, Daniel Jones is quietly turning into a pro talent. Expect Duke to hang around with Miami for the whole game, they even have potential to pull a huge upset. Buy the half point up to an even 10 (nobody likes to get finger blasted in the bum on a 10 point loss), and lay your bank account on it.

Pick: Duke +10.

bet on it

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